“The Talk”

What do we tell our children now?


“The Talk”

What do we tell
our children now?

Every community has a right to feel safe and protected. No community should live in fear of contact with the police.

Can you and your family afford to wait on police reform? Learn what you can do now to help keep your family safe.

Learn what you can do now to help keep your family safe.

What People Have to Say about Expanding “The Talk”

“It’s unfortunate that we need a course like this but I’m thankful that we do! The information I got from this is so valuable”
Nicole D.
“I’ve always believed that black parents needed to expand their “talk” and say to their children, yes, it is about race and that you can get hurt or killed just because of the color of your skin. EXPANDING “THE TALK” goes a step further by providing a skillset that can help lower the chances of that happening. I’m not aware of anyone else taking this approach.”
Shawn C.
“I don’t have kids but this information is useful to me as an adult as well.”
John J.
“About time somebody turned “The Talk” into action. Now I can give my kids some tools to keep them alive.”
Angie B.
“I never knew how much my talks with my kids were lacking information and falling short until I saw this presentation. Thank you.”
Trina A.
“Finally, someone has updated “The Talk” with information I can really use. With the current climate being what it is, we need a better “talk” strategy and this is it! Great job!!!”
Krystal D.
“This program is definitely needed in times like these. Everybody in our community needs to see this.”
Aaron G.

What Expanding “The Talk” is about

It is about expanding on an unfortunate but very necessary tradition in the African American community. That being, how to behave in the presence of the police to help reduce your chances of having a bad encounter. EXPANDING “THE TALK” expands on this tradition by sharing important non-threatening knowledge and skills to increase safety during an police encounter.

What You’ll Learn

In this 40 minute video, you’ll learn:

You’ll also hear from members of the community in their owns words and feelings about the current relationship between the African American community and law enforcement. No politicians, protestors or police, just people. Whether you are a parent, student, or a concerned member of the community, EXPANDING “THE TALK” will give you information that is vital to the safety and security of every community.


Gregory O. DuPree

Gregory O. DuPree has spent over 30 years protecting people. His passion for safety was born out of his experience as a Police/Training Officer with both Houston, TX and Aurora, CO Police Departments and as a Safety Director for Matrix Medical Network, a home healthcare company with over 1,500 field employees. He is a mobile workforce safety expert who has developed several mobile worker and workplace violence safety training programs across several industries. He has also consulted with major safety app/device companies to help improve their products. He has made it his missing to use his knowledge and experience to identify and close gaps in personal safety. As the water of two daughters who frequently use rideshare, he feels passionate about ensuring not just their safety, but the safety of all women. He is currently the Training Director for TLAC NOW where he oversees all Preventive Personal Safety Training.


Is EXPANDING “THE TALK” just for parents and kids?

No. The information provided is designed to be useful to all ages.

Is it just for the African American community?

No. The information discussed is important and useful to all communities.

Is EXPANDING “THE TALK” anti-law enforcement or encourage violence against the police?

Definitely not. The use of weapons and/or physical violence by participants is never discussed and is not part of the expanding “The Talk” mission. EXPANDING “THE TALK” was also developed by former and current members of law enforcement who believe that there are peaceful solutions to an on-going issue.